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kelly Mulligan


K-12 Core Subjects

Early Financial Education


Organization | HW Help

Hello! My name is Kelly Mulligan.


I have dedicated 12+ years to working with more than 200 students in K-12 core academic subjects, particularly math and English.


Additionally, I work with students in building their confidence and preparing them for upcoming tests and projects through organizational strategy and prioritization. I have a background in education, business, and communication studies.


I have worked globally as an ESL teacher in South Korea, a Business Communications lecturer at the University of Economics and Finance in Vietnam, and a high school English teacher in Raleigh, NC.


Currently, I own and operate Mulligan Tutoring Services, where I continue to work as a full-time tutor, catering individualized lessons to all of my students. 


Hobbies: I love to travel and try food from all over the world, I like to write short stories, and I love to try some of the more extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving.


Fun Fact: I was an acrobat!

alexa jaffe.jpg

Alexa Jaffe

K-12 Spanish
HW Help | Organization

¡Hola y Bienvenidos! My name is Alexa Jaffe.


I am a Spanish Language & Literature major at NC State University. I am passionate about teaching the language to students K-12+.


What started out as just a requirement to graduate high school eventually turned into an integral part of my future career! I love teaching at all levels - from beginners to those just needing some extra practice outside of school.


The majority of my background stems from assistance with Spanish Immersion elementary school curriculum, Spanish 1 and 2 (high school), and the building blocks of conversational skills.


In my free time (“tiempo libre” as my students hear me say), I love hanging out with my cat, Milo, traveling, and going to the beach!

michele perry_edited.jpg


K-12 Math, Calc, Stats, ELA, Science

HW Help | Organization

Hello!  My name is Michele Perry. 


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Math/Stats at the University of South Alabama. I am currently working on my Master’s in applied math at NC State University. Most recently, I was a Calculus TA where I led weekly problem sessions for 90 undergrad students, as well as worked with students one-on-one. Before calculus, I was a subject tutor in numerous math classes including algebra, pre-calculus, and statistics. In addition to these core math classes, I also love working with students to improve their reading/writing skills. I’m passionate about helping students grow their confidence and achieve their goals.


Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, playing music, walking in nature, and hanging out with my orange cat Honey. 


Fun Fact: Sometimes I even take Honey on walks. He enjoys nature too!


Kasey Colcombe

K-12 Math, Calculus, Stats

HW Help | Organization

Hello! My name is Kasey Colcombe.


I have been tutoring students since 2013 in math courses ranging from pre-algebra through masters courses in statistics. I enjoy contributing to student success by focusing on understanding the fundamentals. I have worked as a tutor throughout college in structured weekly meetings, drop in tutoring, and as a teaching assistant. Needless to say, I love math! I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Kent State University in 2018 and have worked as an Actuary since then where I continue to take math intensive exams. So I can certainly understand where my students are coming from! 


Hobbies: Since moving to Raleigh, I’ve made it my goal to try as many new restaurants as possible so please send suggestions! I’ve played hockey since I was 5 years old, played in college, and still play for fun twice a week. I enjoy hiking, traveling, and rock climbing as well.


Fun Fact: I trained with Vince Trocheck back in Pittsburgh before he went pro!



K-9 Math, ELA
HW Help | Organization

Hi! My name is Robert Gibson.


I have 5+ years of experience working with students in K-12 students in Math, English and Social Studies. I also work with students to help grow their test taking abilities and organizational/note-taking skills. I hold an Undergraduate History degree  from UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and a Master’s degree in Secondary Teaching from UNC-Charlotte. I have been working in education professionally since I graduated in 2018. I have worked as a literacy instructor and mentor for elementary school students, and as a mathematics and organization tutor for high school students at Chapel Hill High. I have taught 7th Grade Social Studies for three years and currently I am moving on to teach 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics. 


Hobbies: I love to travel and learn about different cultures and histories. I love reading sci-fi and fantasy stories and I’ve been playing D&D since I was 10 years old.


Fun Fact: I was a member of a twitch gaming team in college


Anthony Davy.jpg


K-12 Math, Calculus, Chemistry
HW Help | Organization

Hello! My name is Anthony Davy.


Tutoring was the first job I ever had, and it has shaped the way I think from age 16 onward. I worked in tutoring centers at Central Carolina Community College and NC State before branching out into independent one-on-one tutoring. I primarily teach math, but have background in engineering and chemistry as well. While math is my passion, I can also assist with general organizational strategies and study skills. I have worked with middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students of all ages, and I’m happy to provide a customized approach that prioritizes foundational understanding in order to set students up for long term success.


Hobbies: I end every day with some kind of art – doodling, painting, macrame, jewelry making, soda tab chainmail, or whatever sounds fun!


Fun Fact: I make my own pigments and paint as a garage chemistry project.

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