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K-12 Math, Calculus, Chemistry
HW Help | Organization

Hello! My name is Anthony Davy.


Tutoring was the first job I ever had, and it has shaped the way I think from age 16 onward. I worked in tutoring centers at Central Carolina Community College and NC State before branching out into independent one-on-one tutoring. I primarily teach math, but have background in engineering and chemistry as well. While math is my passion, I can also assist with general organizational strategies and study skills. I have worked with middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students of all ages, and I’m happy to provide a customized approach that prioritizes foundational understanding in order to set students up for long term success.


Hobbies: I end every day with some kind of art – doodling, painting, macrame, jewelry making, soda tab chainmail, or whatever sounds fun!


Fun Fact: I make my own pigments and paint as a garage chemistry project.

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Alexa Jaffe

K-12 Spanish
HW Help | Organization

¡Hola y Bienvenidos! My name is Alexa Jaffe.


I am a Spanish Language & Literature major at NC State University. I am passionate about teaching the language to students K-12+.


What started out as just a requirement to graduate high school eventually turned into an integral part of my future career! I love teaching at all levels - from beginners to those just needing some extra practice outside of school.


The majority of my background stems from assistance with Spanish Immersion elementary school curriculum, Spanish 1 and 2 (high school), and the building blocks of conversational skills.


In my free time (“tiempo libre” as my students hear me say), I love hanging out with my cat, Milo, traveling, and going to the beach!

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K-12 Math, Calculus, Chemistry, ELA History & HW Help | Organization


Hello! My name is Marcus Jones.

I have close to a decade of experience in working with students in different capacities. I am a graduate of North Carolina State University where I majored in Textile Chemistry and minored in History. I have experience working as a Collegiate Advisor where I provided career advice and tutoring services for students who were in need of direction.  I have experience working in tutoring centers where I facilitated study sessions and ensured that the students understood the material in a timely manner. I also have in home 1:1 tutoring experience where I was granted the autonomy to provide lesson plans catered towards each specific student that I worked with. I made it my mission to ensure that students acquired practical knowledge pertinent to their career goals (in addition to the services provided which focused on increasing their academic performance).


Outside of tutoring, I have worked in both the Chemical Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry. I currently work in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Quality Assurance Specialist.


Hobbies: I love challenges, and am an avid fitness person (running, weightlifting, biking, and rock climbing). I also have a strong passion for visual art, and it is something that I’ve been doing the entirety of my life.


Fun Fact: I am a part-time visual artist, and have several pieces of framed artwork, and created a comic book in high school. I was also a competitive cross country and track and field athlete. I specialized in the 400m, 800m, 4x800m relay, and 1600m.

Another fun fact- I got the chance to meet Sidney Lowe (NC State Men’s Basketball coach at the time) while attending a basketball camp in high school.



English, Special Education

HW Help | Organization

Hello! My name is Rex Erwin.


I have worked in education for 10 years, with my career particularly focused in special education and english. I received my B.A. in English, at the University of Central Florida and a M.A., in Special Education, at Piedmont University. Currently, I am furthering my education at Piedmont University and started my Ed.S. in Curriculum & Design. My background in literature and special education has helped me in creating an individualized learning environment in my literature classes, where I am able to accommodate students' specific educational needs in the classroom.  The first 7 years of my career were in Florida, where I taught middle school and high school students in the Orlando area. For the last 3 years, I have worked at a high school in the metro Atlanta area, as a co-teacher in English classes for high school Juniors and Seniors. In addition to teaching, I also coach high school football. 


Hobbies: When I am not working, I enjoy playing video games. My family also tries to vacation as much as possible. You cannot beat a good cruise in the Caribbean. Also, over the last few years we have been fortunate enough to go to England and Hawaii!


Fun Fact: I was a state championship winning offensive coordinator, in Florida!

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K-12 Math, Calculus, Statistics, ESL

Test Prep

HW Help | Organization

Howdy! My name is Rebecca Seifert.


I have been working with students for almost a decade in just about every subject at just about every level. These days, I focus on data science myself, finishing up a degree in statistics, computer science, and economics. However, I have also been teaching ESL language arts for a few years now and studied Latin, Greek, and Spanish. That is to say I like working with numbers and words! I look forward to seeing how I can put that enthusiasm to good use for you.


Hobbies: I really love music, especially 70s and 90s rock, and I love to play volleyball any time I can round up a team!

Fun fact: I hiccup exactly three times every day.

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K-12 Math & Science

Test Prep

 HW Help | Organization

Hello! My name is Rylan Paye. 

I am currently a PhD student studying nuclear engineering at NC State University. I have two bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics from Western Carolina University. Throughout my undergraduate program, I tutored all levels of math, science, and engineering. Some of my favorite courses include: all levels of calculus and physics, differential equations, linear algebra, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics/heat transfer. I also have experience with tutoring introductory programming courses. I am extremely passionate about all of these subjects and look forward to helping my students succeed!

Hobbies: I love to hike, travel, videogame, binge-watch TV, run, and cycle!

Fun fact: I have had my cat from Kindergarten up through my second year of graduate school


K-12 Math, Science, ELA

Test Prep

HW Help | Organization

Image by Rasmus Smedstrup Mortensen

Hello! My name is Kathleen Mattox.


I have been tutoring students since 2018, focusing on STEM coursework. I have taught Algebra through Calculus many times, and have a background in biostatistics and applied mathematics from my undergraduate career at UNC Chapel Hill, where I earned my Quantitative Biology degree. I am passionate about using math and science as a way of understanding the world around us, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with my community. I believe in meeting students where they are, and being able to tailor instruction to the individual. I pride myself on making my explanations accessible, and use the student’s interests to help them engage with the material. I have experience working with students with learning differences such as ADHD and Dyslexia.I am comfortable using preferred pronouns, and am inclusive of all gender identities and expressions, and explicitly lgbtq+ friendly.


Hobbies:  I am interested in systems ecology and interactions between species. I love tending to my "flock": one cat, two dogs, three chickens, and a huge garden.


Fun Fact: I crochet biological accurate stuffed animals; my best seller is a life sized Opossum!

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