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Students are deprived of interaction and communication.

 They need opportunities to engage with their peers in a constructive and educational setting - one that calls for individual growth, community and perspective.

Students need to build their communicative skills in ways that can be applied in the real world. Ask yourselves: is public education really preparing students with an advantage to be fierce in the competitive market ahead? 

College Friends


Local students will meet virtually on a weekly basis. In these courses, they will work TOGETHER  in a guided session to solve learning challenges while gaining the value of building relationships through meaningful discussion. 

Students will understand the value of communicating effectively! They will gain a better understanding of how to prepare for their futures through professionalism, financial literacy, and relationship building.


  • Virtual-LIVE

  • Instructor: Kelly (Owner)

  • 1:8 Teacher-Student Ratio

Student interaction and communication are at the heart of every course. Each course is designed to help students understand the WHY behind the WHAT they are learning through real-world applications and scenarios.

Outdoors Meeting


ONLY $21/session!

10 sessions

$210 per course

Students will receive a chance to build meaningful relationships with their peers, an opportunity to strengthen their voice, an appreciation for other perspectives, and a leg-up in their ability to communicate and set goals for their futures.

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What's available?

LIVE-Virtual Group Courses


Located in

Cary, NC



Tel: 919-717-2249


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